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The Flu Sucks Or: How I Missed The Radiohead Concert

March of 2012 was not a good month…for anyone in my family.  The flu ripped through my family within a two week span. First my 2 year old son, who is a Radiohead fan himself, decided that he had been healthy long enough. It was time to catch the flu, which was spreading all over St. Louis. Next my wife, who is also a Radiohead fan, caught the flu and spent 24 hours out of commission.  Ten days had gone by, and I though I had dodged a bullet.

No such luck…12 hours before Radiohead was going to take the stage, I found myself in the bathroom praying to Thom Yorke to end my pain.

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The Top 16 Vinyl Purchases of 2011

So this year was a good year for my ever blossoming vinyl collection. I picked up a lot of different albums spanning over 40 years…and some of the records were bought to compliment CD/mp3-albums already purchased. I know it sounds strange, but I want my music on my iPhone, my computer, my car, and on my turntable…and sometimes that requires multiple copies. I’m really happy bands/labels have started to give free mp3-album copies with every vinyl record purchase. It’s a nice bonus.

So my “Best of 2011” list is quite different than my “Best of 2010” list…mainly because I’m ranking the albums I bought in 2011, and not just the albums released in 2011. I can’t tell you how tough it was to rank these albums. This blog post took me multiple days to re-listen, write, and rearrange album order…and even I don’t think I got it correct…but what the hell. Here’s the Top 16 Vinyl Purchases of 2011…

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Radiohead says “Thank You”

I’ve been holding off on reviewing King of the Limbs until I get my vinyl copy next month, because I want to see if there are any B-sides to include in my review.

But today,  in my inbox,  Radiohead said thanks and decided to share two new tracks that were released for Record Store Day…

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Top 100 Things I Love About Music

Well it’s end of February, the month of love….and to celebrate, I’ve decided to list the 100 things that I love about music.  Now there are more than 100 things that I love about music, and I can guarantee that I will leave some important things out…but I still want to give this a go. The whole reason that I started this blog was to share, reveal, and discuss music that has made an impact in my life.

So here we go…I love music, and here’s the 100 reasons why…

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Happy Friday! New Radiohead Song!

Waiting on the edge of your seat for tomorrow? Need something to take the edge off? Fuzzy wouldn’t let you down. Here’s a song off of Radiohead’s new album The Kings of Limbs called “Lotus Flower”.

Happy Friday!



EDIT: Radiohead have pushed forward the digital release to today! Those who pre-ordered the record should look for their download codes, and those who didn’t can purchase the record for immediate download here.

New Radiohead Album!

Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

Radiohead announced on Monday that they will release their eighth full-length album this year, The King of Limbs.  What a lovely Valentine’s Day gift from Thom…how did he know?!

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Songs I can’t get enough of #5: “4 Minute Warning” – Radiohead

Radiohead. *happy sigh*

Let’s just get this out of the way: I absolutely adore Radiohead. Radiohead is my favorite band in the last 20 years…maybe of all time. I’ve enjoyed every album they put out, I’ve seen them in concert multiple times, and I enjoy Thom Yorke’s solo projects. I’m a huge fan…even if they’re depressing 95% of the time…it’s a beautiful depression.

If you don’t have the second disc of In Rainbows, then you are missing out on a number of excellent songs. The last four songs (“Last Flowers To The Hospital”, “Up On The Ladder”, “Bangers & Mash”, and “4 Minute Warning” ) are strong enough to be on the first disc, but are such a pleasant bonus on the second disc.

Today, I’m going to discuss a song off of the second disc of In Rainbows…”4 Minute Warning”

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