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Happy Post-Rock Friday…with Balloons!

I’m sorry I’ve been away…it’s been a wild few months that I’ll have to fill you in on.

I think it’s time to dust off, and start fresh.



Crossfade: My 11 Favorite Uses of Music in Movies

I’ve been talking to my buddy John over at The Droid You’re Looking For! (awesomely funny & serious movie blog) about doing a crossfade about my favorite uses of music in movies. Naturally, we were at the bar. Naturally, we were drinking…and naturally we both thought it was an great idea. (clinked pint glasses)

In my opinion, movies and music go together like peas and carrots…even back before there was sound in movies, there was always music being played to keep the crowd interested (most likely to keep annoying human sounds to a minimum). Now, not all movies have music in them. The only one that I can remember off the top of my head is Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds. It didn’t have a musical score…unless you count the screams of the birds, but that was the point.

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The Top 12 Albums I’ve Bought in 2010

Ok, I know I’m a few days late on my “Best of” 2010 albums…so I’ve decided to twist it a bit and give you my top 12 albums that I bought in 2010. Now, these are all albums released in 2010, there were a lot of albums that I bought during the year that were a bit older (mainly filling gaps or starting a new vein of music), so those won’t be included here. Plus, I think that would be difficult and unfair to newer artists/albums to have to go up against The Band, Iggy Pop, or Bob Dylan…different periods, different styles, just different. It would make for an interesting discussion though…maybe later…

Anyways, on to my Top 12…why 12? Well, I’m 12 days into 2011…So I’m giving you 12 albums reviews. Enjoy!

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