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The Top 16 Vinyl Purchases in 2012

2012 - Best Albums

2012. What a clusterfuck of a year. This year provided mixed blessings with my family: Grandfather died (Bad) and Daughter was born (Good)…work was absolutely insane…raising two kids is absolutely insane (but amazingly awesome at the same time)…but it was a down year for my vinyl collection. I still managed to pick up a lot of different albums, but I didn’t make it to the record store as much as I should (sorry Euclid Records). I did pick up a lot of records from my Grandfather’s house after his death, although it was mostly classical and musicals.  I will say that the gem of the collection was a nice original pressing of Johnny Cash’s At San Quentin album.

So my “Best of 2012″ list is a little different than my “Best of 2011″ list…mainly because I’ve decided to not give the albums a score. Maybe this blog is taking a different turn here in 2013, but screw scoring an album…music is too personal, too opinionated. I’d rather discuss why we think albums are good or bad, and not just slap on a score and possibly miss a really cool band. So, from all of the albums that I acquired through the year, here are Quantization’s Top 16 Vinyl Albums of 2012. Read the rest of this entry


Fuzzy’s Top 6 Halloween Songs

It’s almost Halloween, in the United States, and what better way to get into the mood than to listen to some Halloween songs. Now there are many songs that can spook people out…or make people think that Ray Parker Jr. was a genius.  Today, with the faint smell of pumpkin on my hands, I present my Top 6 Halloween Songs.  I hope they put you in the Halloween mood before your candy-induced coma sets in.  Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments.

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Top 7 Marathon Training Songs

Last Sunday I ran the Chicago Marathon. It was my 3rd marathon that I’ve run, and I ended up injuring my foot somewhere between mile 14 or 15. I still finished the race, albeit limping and almost in tears…an hour later than my goal…but I finished! In order to get ready for such a long painful run, I trained for months beforehand. Most days I ran without music, but some days I just need to rock the fuck out and run my ass off. Today, I present the Top 7 Marathon Training Songs. With these songs on you iPod/iPhone/MP3 player, you too can lose your sanity, lose all your free time, and start running marathons!

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The Top 7 Reasons Why I Went Missing

Sooo…yeah…I’ve been busy the last few months.  It has been complete chaos, and I’ve been so damn tired.  Now I know you’re saying, “Shit fuzzy, how hard is it to post a YouTube link every Friday?!”…and I don’t really have an answer…apparently it’s been pretty hard.  The weather during the past summer has been horrible. Three months of >95F (>35C for the non-US readers) degree heat. The heat just sucked the life right out of me. I didn’t really listen to any music for months, and I was trying to keep my vinyl from melting.  But the summer wasn’t all that bad, it had more ups than downs…

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The Top 16 Vinyl Purchases of 2011

So this year was a good year for my ever blossoming vinyl collection. I picked up a lot of different albums spanning over 40 years…and some of the records were bought to compliment CD/mp3-albums already purchased. I know it sounds strange, but I want my music on my iPhone, my computer, my car, and on my turntable…and sometimes that requires multiple copies. I’m really happy bands/labels have started to give free mp3-album copies with every vinyl record purchase. It’s a nice bonus.

So my “Best of 2011” list is quite different than my “Best of 2010” list…mainly because I’m ranking the albums I bought in 2011, and not just the albums released in 2011. I can’t tell you how tough it was to rank these albums. This blog post took me multiple days to re-listen, write, and rearrange album order…and even I don’t think I got it correct…but what the hell. Here’s the Top 16 Vinyl Purchases of 2011…

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The 12 Days of Christmization

I’m not a big fan of “The 12 Days of Christmas” Song…it’s boring, and if I ever got 10 Lords of Leaping for Christmas, I might kill myself. So this year for the Christmas holiday, I’ve decided to go through my music collection and pick out my favorite songs with numbers in them and create a new 12 Days of Christmas for Quantization called “The 12 Days of Christmization”.

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Crossfade: My 9 Favorite Songs from Edgar Wright’s Movies

Apparently Spaced, a TV series directed by Edgar Wright, has just been released on Netflix streaming…I’ve heard really good things about it from my buddy John over at tdylf, so naturally I’m pumped. I plan on knocking all the episodes out this weekend…I think there’s only 14 episodes.

Soo, I am a huge Edgar Wright fan. I’ve loved his big three movies (so far): Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. And when Spaced was announced on Netflix, I started thinking…I wonder if it’s going to have as kickass of a soundtrack as his movies…wait…I should write about Wright’s kickass selection of music for his movies!

So in this installment of Crossfade, let’s listen to my 9 favorite songs from Edgar Wright’s movies.

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