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My Playlist #2: Window Seat Playlist

Well, this week I’m on travel…so I thought I’d share some songs from my playlist that I created for my trip. Now, I don’t really like how airlines make me turn off my music during the takeoff and landing…that is prime pump-up (takeoff) and soothing (landing) music…but no, we have to wait until we get to 10,000 feet. Boring.

I wish I took this picture

I’m a window seat kinda guy. I don’t like the aisle because fat people seem to love to rub their ass es on my shoulder, and the drink cart always seems to jam my elbow. “Sorry” doesn’t cut it, so I keep my ass in a window seat with my headphones on. I don’t want to talk to you, you crazy old bat..I want to look out the window and veg out to some good music.

Speaking of good music, here are my top songs off of  my travel playlist for this week…

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My Playlist #1: Week of 12/12/10

So over the past week I’ve been surfing around, going through old albums, listening to new albums trying to find some new & old music to listen to.  Here are 7 songs off my playlist for this week. I’ll keep updating if I find anything before Friday…

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