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The Walking Dead Soundtrack


I’m hooked on the Walking Dead. I love zombies, but I also love music. The opening theme of the Walking Dead is quite amazing as it quickly pulls you towards the edge of your seat and leaves you hanging there for the entire show.  The soundtrack doesn’t get in the way of the show or the walkers, instead it adds depth and constant suspense. And despite all the praise I will heap on the Walking Dead, I think AMC missed a huge opportunity to really intertwine some bands into the soundtrack…like maybe some driving music in the spotless Hyundai. So I got to thinking…and I came up with a list of bands that could appear on a Walking Dead soundtrack.

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Crossfade: My 9 Favorite Songs from Edgar Wright’s Movies

Apparently Spaced, a TV series directed by Edgar Wright, has just been released on Netflix streaming…I’ve heard really good things about it from my buddy John over at tdylf, so naturally I’m pumped. I plan on knocking all the episodes out this weekend…I think there’s only 14 episodes.

Soo, I am a huge Edgar Wright fan. I’ve loved his big three movies (so far): Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. And when Spaced was announced on Netflix, I started thinking…I wonder if it’s going to have as kickass of a soundtrack as his movies…wait…I should write about Wright’s kickass selection of music for his movies!

So in this installment of Crossfade, let’s listen to my 9 favorite songs from Edgar Wright’s movies.

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Crossfade: My 11 Favorite Uses of Music in Movies

I’ve been talking to my buddy John over at The Droid You’re Looking For! (awesomely funny & serious movie blog) about doing a crossfade about my favorite uses of music in movies. Naturally, we were at the bar. Naturally, we were drinking…and naturally we both thought it was an great idea. (clinked pint glasses)

In my opinion, movies and music go together like peas and carrots…even back before there was sound in movies, there was always music being played to keep the crowd interested (most likely to keep annoying human sounds to a minimum). Now, not all movies have music in them. The only one that I can remember off the top of my head is Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds. It didn’t have a musical score…unless you count the screams of the birds, but that was the point.

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Crossfade: My favorite bands that appear on The Simpsons

I love The Simpsons…I grew up on them, and I still can recite my favorite quotes on the drop of a hat.  Even though they aren’t as witty as they were 10+ years ago, they are still my favorite cartoon family. I used to love when bands made cameos during the show…some seemed forced…but some where just fucking hilarious.

In this crossfade, I present my favorite bands (and quotes) that have appeared in episodes of The Simpsons

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Crossfade: Banksy

In this crossfade, I’ve decided to merge some of my favorite pieces done by the British graffiti artist Banksy, and the music that inspires me when looking at his art.  I thought this would be an interesting exercise because it brings together two of my loves…art and music.  If you have any favorite Banksy pieces that aren’t listed below, please share them…and the music that it inspires in you.

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Crossfade: My Favorite Songs from Wes Anderson Movies

Crossfade: To fade out an image or sound while simultaneously fading in a new image or sound. Basically, during our crossfades we’ll talk music & movies, music & art, movies & art, etc.  It gives me an outlet to explore the effects of art on art…sounds kinky doesn’t it?

Well today, I’ve been thinking about Wes Anderson movies and how much fun it is to follow the music in his movies.

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