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The Flu Sucks Or: How I Missed The Radiohead Concert

March of 2012 was not a good month…for anyone in my family.  The flu ripped through my family within a two week span. First my 2 year old son, who is a Radiohead fan himself, decided that he had been healthy long enough. It was time to catch the flu, which was spreading all over St. Louis. Next my wife, who is also a Radiohead fan, caught the flu and spent 24 hours out of commission.  Ten days had gone by, and I though I had dodged a bullet.

No such luck…12 hours before Radiohead was going to take the stage, I found myself in the bathroom praying to Thom Yorke to end my pain.

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Quantization’s Best Concerts Of 2011

Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to sneak out and see some really incredible shows. While it may have cut into my “album-buying” budget, all of the concerts impressed me in one way or another…or in some cases…absolutely floored me. So what concerts were good, great, jaw-dropping? What concerts should you put on your list to check out in 2012? Let’s find out…

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Concert Review: Lucero – 12.09.11

So my friends and I have an annual pilgrimage to see Lucero at Off Broadway.  I’ve seen Lucero a handful of times,  so I knew what to expect…a punk/country band from Memphis who likes to drink and have a good time. The music is always good…and they didn’t disappoint this year. They played for over 2 hours!

They seem to play annually in St. Louis, and we always end up having a…well…”interesting” night.  So for this concert review, I made a chart describing “Why I Go To Lucero Concerts”…

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I Think I Owe You Three Concert Reviews

Well, since August (cough…I know!), I’ve been able to hit up a few shows…all were very good, and one was amazing. The three shows that I’ll be reviewing are Cold Cave with Austra, Bon Iver, and the Handsome Furs.

A crappy cell phone pic of Bon Iver

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Concert Review: Fleet Foxes – 07.19.11

I very much enjoy Fleet Foxes and their harmonies, oh sweet zombie Jesus yes! Their harmonies just whisk me away to a blissful place where no harm can be done…except by the odd crowd standing around me at The Pageant on Tuesday the 19th of July…

Apparently, the Dave Matthews Band isn’t quite up to snuff anymore because there were a lot of people mesmerized by the latest shiny new toy from the indie folk rock world. I was expecting a quiet night, a tame crowd gently bending forward grasping the quiet beauty of Fleet Foxes…but the crowd wasn’t tame…below is a chart depicting my frustrations through the night. Enjoy.

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Concert Review: U2 – 07.17.11

A few weeks ago, I was pumped to see U2 at the sold out show at Busch Stadium…how packed was it? Packed. Now I had General Admission tickets, so I was down on the floor. There was plenty of room off to the right of the stage, and even though the heat was punishing during the day, the night proved to be beautiful. While Bono’s message sometime gets lost on me, let me explain why U2 is still one of the best shows to catch live.

The Claw Descends on Busch Stadium

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Mega Concert Review: Let’s Catch Up…Pronto!

Well, I’ve been to a few shows over the past months, and I haven’t written about any of them. It’s time to catch everyone up. Now some of these shows happened 3 months ago, so my memory is a little faded…but hell, let’s make some rash judgements anyways.

You Ready to Rock?!

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