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The Top 16 Vinyl Purchases in 2012

2012 - Best Albums

2012. What a clusterfuck of a year. This year provided mixed blessings with my family: Grandfather died (Bad) and Daughter was born (Good)…work was absolutely insane…raising two kids is absolutely insane (but amazingly awesome at the same time)…but it was a down year for my vinyl collection. I still managed to pick up a lot of different albums, but I didn’t make it to the record store as much as I should (sorry Euclid Records). I did pick up a lot of records from my Grandfather’s house after his death, although it was mostly classical and musicals.  I will say that the gem of the collection was a nice original pressing of Johnny Cash’s At San Quentin album.

So my “Best of 2012″ list is a little different than my “Best of 2011″ list…mainly because I’ve decided to not give the albums a score. Maybe this blog is taking a different turn here in 2013, but screw scoring an album…music is too personal, too opinionated. I’d rather discuss why we think albums are good or bad, and not just slap on a score and possibly miss a really cool band. So, from all of the albums that I acquired through the year, here are Quantization’s Top 16 Vinyl Albums of 2012. Read the rest of this entry


Album Review: “A Far Off Horizon” – Mkaio

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the artist Mkaio to review his latest album A Far Off Horizon.  I’ve never been asked to do a review before, so I was pretty excited…and yet nervous.  What if I totally hated this album? What sort of precedent is this going to set on Quantization?  What if I’m just a terrible reviewer?  So many questions, but after listening to the album a half dozen times in the last 2 weeks, I decided it was time to put pen to paper and write up my thoughts.

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Mkaio – “A Far Off Horizon”

So I got an interesting email the other day…I got my first request to review an album, “A Far Off Horizon” by the artist Mkaio.  Most of the time I think my little blog here just sorta floats along in the ether getting a hit here or there…but this was a milestone for Quantization, and pretty special to me.  I was absolutely floored! Mkaio provided me a free mp3 copy of his album (much appreciated kind sir), and I just downloaded it tonight.  I’m starting to put it through it’s paces, and it has great momentum.  I’m looking forward to spending some time with it.  I’ll have a full review posted in a few days, but I figured I’d give Mkaio a few posts on the front page to show my gratitude.  Check out his press kit after the break.

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The Top 16 Vinyl Purchases of 2011

So this year was a good year for my ever blossoming vinyl collection. I picked up a lot of different albums spanning over 40 years…and some of the records were bought to compliment CD/mp3-albums already purchased. I know it sounds strange, but I want my music on my iPhone, my computer, my car, and on my turntable…and sometimes that requires multiple copies. I’m really happy bands/labels have started to give free mp3-album copies with every vinyl record purchase. It’s a nice bonus.

So my “Best of 2011” list is quite different than my “Best of 2010” list…mainly because I’m ranking the albums I bought in 2011, and not just the albums released in 2011. I can’t tell you how tough it was to rank these albums. This blog post took me multiple days to re-listen, write, and rearrange album order…and even I don’t think I got it correct…but what the hell. Here’s the Top 16 Vinyl Purchases of 2011…

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If I Only Had One Album on a Desert Island…

Tomorrow you wake up, and you’re alone on a desert island. What the hell? But a miracle happens, and somehow you have a stereo powered by awesome. But there is one problem…you only have one album. Just one. You only get one…what do you choose?

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The Great Import (2 of 2)…Lost Albums That Should Stay Lost

Last month, I made a post discussing the Top 3 Lost Gems that I found during the Great Import of my CD collection to iTunes. I was so very happy to rediscover those gems, and to tell you the truth, they made it into my rotation…especially the Roni Size.

The Great Import

Well, those CD’s were a pleasant surprise…but the following three CD’s, oh man, I wish I never found. Holy Shit dude, what the hell was I thinking. I’m embarrassed to share these with you, but what the hell…here are the top 3 worst albums that I found in my music collection…

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The Top 12 Albums I’ve Bought in 2010

Ok, I know I’m a few days late on my “Best of” 2010 albums…so I’ve decided to twist it a bit and give you my top 12 albums that I bought in 2010. Now, these are all albums released in 2010, there were a lot of albums that I bought during the year that were a bit older (mainly filling gaps or starting a new vein of music), so those won’t be included here. Plus, I think that would be difficult and unfair to newer artists/albums to have to go up against The Band, Iggy Pop, or Bob Dylan…different periods, different styles, just different. It would make for an interesting discussion though…maybe later…

Anyways, on to my Top 12…why 12? Well, I’m 12 days into 2011…So I’m giving you 12 albums reviews. Enjoy!

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