About Me

This is an attempt to blog about music that is the center my life. I am a mid-30s guy with two kids and a lovely wife who puts up with my music addiction.  I try to update my blog about once or twice a week…but that can slip a week…or month.  Some of the discussions will be funny, some depressing, some serious, some quirky…but hopefully always interesting. So strap on your favorite set of cans, and let’s turn the volume up to 11.

Have a album/song that you CAN’T GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD and you need to share it with someone? Send me link.

Want me to review your album/song? Want me to check out your band? Send me free stuff :)

I’m always interested in what you’re listening to, so hit me up and let’s jam.


Contact info: fw.quantization@gmail.com


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