Top 7 Marathon Training Songs

Last Sunday I ran the Chicago Marathon. It was my 3rd marathon that I’ve run, and I ended up injuring my foot somewhere between mile 14 or 15. I still finished the race, albeit limping and almost in tears…an hour later than my goal…but I finished! In order to get ready for such a long painful run, I trained for months beforehand. Most days I ran without music, but some days I just need to rock the fuck out and run my ass off. Today, I present the Top 7 Marathon Training Songs. With these songs on you iPod/iPhone/MP3 player, you too can lose your sanity, lose all your free time, and start running marathons!

7.) “Going The Distance & Final Bell” – Bill Conti

6.) “Harder Better Faster” – Daft Punk

5.) “Panama” – Van Halen

4.) “Rudy (main theme)” – Jerry Goldsmith

3.) “You’re The Best Around” – Joe Esposito

2.) “Hearts On Fire” – John Cafferty

1.) “Kickstart My Heart” – Mötley Crüe



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