Songs I can’t get enough of #9: “Wait” – M83

I’m in love with M83’s new album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, absolute love. Heh. I’m faintly smiling while thinking about it. I feel like an idiot when I talk like this, but I don’t really mind.  I swore to myself that I would be more personal with my blog this year.  I absolutely adore an album that can fill me with such emotion that my heart pounds out of my chest while my head swirls like the Milky Way.

The dazzling revelation of “Wait”…well, it almost brings me to tears when listening to it right now.  Initially, I thought it was so empty, but in reality it’s so full of life…

Send your dreams
Where nobody hides
Give your tears
To the tide
No Time
No Time

There’s no end
There is no goodbye
With the night
No Time
No Time

There were a number of ways I thought this song could have been interpreted.  At first glance, I thought it was about not having enough time in one’s life. The song sucker-punched me in the stomach. Personally, it made me think of my son. You see, I’m a father in his mid-thirties, and I have a young son who is growing up too fast. It’s a blast being a dad, I cherish every moment we share…I never knew how much I would love it…how much I would love him.  I’ve never known such love, and it fills my life with so much meaning, responsibility, and joy. (heh, tears)

…And the echos  of  “No Time” in this song. Oh, it just rips my heart out thinking about how little time I get to share with him before he grows up and starts to hate his old man.  I guess it’s normal. I guess most people have these feelings. I’ve always heard people say, “They grow up too fast.” I’d always chuckle and nod my head, but it’s true. They do. I find myself thinking “wait, things are moving too fast”…”wait!”

So this was the first interpretation I had of “Wait”…and I was almost there…but not quite, in my opinion.

When I started to dig into the lyrics, I found a different meaning: death. “Send your dreams where nobody hides, Give your tears to the tide.” I pondered if someone’s life had ended and there was “No time” left for their dreams, so they should pass those dreams off to someone who can finish them. “There is no end, there is no goodbye. Disappear with the night.” My thought was that someone had slipped away quietly in the night without saying goodbye…didn’t have the time to say goodbye. Even the title “Wait” plays into this meaning:  “Wait,” don’t leave yet…”Wait” until I  say goodbye.

While contemplating the aspect of death with “Wait”, something just clicked…

It was deeper than than having no time, it was more beautiful than death…it was peaceful…it dawned on me that there is only one way to interpret “Wait”…the realization of one’s own life, and life in general.

There comes a point in everyone’s life where we realize that we can’t accomplish everything we want to accomplish. We can’t learn everything we want to learn. We can’t experience everything we want to experience.

At first, this realization may bring sadness because we realize that there isn’t enough time to accomplish all that we desire…but we should give our “tears to the tide”. We should not be sad because the song isn’t about not having enough time. This song is about time not existing at all. There is “No Time”…and realizing that our dreams are bigger than our own life can be revealing because our dreams live on through others. Our dreams are infinite.

“There is no end, there is no goodbye…no time, no time” once again displays the infinite vastness of our being. Our dreams, our being, our legacy is infinite. We live on, our dreams live on, through others. There are constant themes in the history of life, and they do not change. So in a sense…time doesn’t exist. Think about it. How much of “us” is based on everyone before us? How much of an impact did the people who came before you have? Constant themes of love, hate, peace, war, birth, death…the similar questions we all have: why are we here? Is there something else?

We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. We are the living dreams of those before us, with our own personal twist, and just because you personally don’t finish what you started doesn’t mean it’s forgotten. Dreams are infinite and by realizing that they may never be accomplished is both vulnerable, scary, and yet peaceful.

Maybe I’ve strayed too far.

Maybe it’s similar to the first or second interpretation.

Maybe it’s a little of all three interpretations.

Maybe it’s just my own personal philosophies developing before my eyes due to an incredible song.

Honestly, I don’t know anymore.


UPDATED 1/11/13: Updated YouTube video


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  1. I have not heard this band before, sounds good.

    I can not see the video because is blocked in my country,

    I heard the song here

    It sounds really good.

  2. Lovely interpretation. Yes, time is cyclical; an illusion.

  3. i agree, but if i may be permitted to add a further thought, and this is related to the bit where you say ‘we have no time to accomplish everything’ we all try to cram so much in, always living in the future and missing what is in front of our eyes at any given moment, here and now is a gift that is why they call it ‘the present’.
    A further thought after watching the video was that time doesn’t matter if you are going to be reborn or resurrected? notice the bloodshed at the beginning of the video, the explosion on earth and the awakening twitch of the little boy, at the end of the video the same child coming back to earth in a prism……………just a thought.
    Whatever it means its beautiful.

    • You know, I feel like an idiot that I haven’t seen the official video yet. I updated my post to include the official video because I want people to watch and read your comment. Excellent, excellent addition!

  4. The meaning of it all is here to see ;-)

  5. dude you an inspiration to me. I think we think the same way altho i am not a father, far from it but i enjoyed what you wrote. Hang in there, with your son, I can’t believe he could ever hate you. Cheers

  6. what does the black triangle mean?

  7. in 2nd minutes of this video she covers his body with black veil , sits on the ground, and prays! what do you think? what does it mean? It has positive meaning?

  8. in 2nd minutes of this video she covers her body with black veil , sits on the ground, and prays! what do you think? what does it mean? It has positive meaning?

  9. I like your interpretation (y) I actually like the remixed one either, check it:

  10. i’m crying because your interpretation is so beautiful. i love this song, and even when i’m happy it makes sense to me. it’s so nice to read something that tells me that i’m not the only one who thinks so much of the meaning of this song. I mean i love that song, but it reminds me that i need to carry on, because there is NO TIME! I can not explain how much i love this song and it seems stupid but i think that this song has changed my life, and i’m gonna sleep well, because now i know that someone is so ”stupid” that the thinks as much about this song as i do.

  11. I just want to let you know that I have blasted M83’s “Wait” many, many times when I’ve been going through a rough time or having existential overwhelm; loud enough that I can feel it. And nearly as often as I’ve listened to the song have I returned to your interpretation to read it once more. Thank you.

  12. I’ve always known and loved this song, having an appealling calm quality to it and giving me a sense of peace in chaotic times. Someone I love recently lost a child and I heard this song again by chance. It made me realize, as you mention, how short a time we have in this world, with our dreams and with the people we love, but also (depending on what you believe) that despite our conscious perception of time and death, and our desire to wait and have more time and life, there is also a profound, ethereal peace in letting go and believing/accepting we will see each other in in the next life in Heaven. To summarize, this song has touched on the simultaneous beauty and tragedy of life as we know it.

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