Concert Review: Fleet Foxes – 07.19.11

I very much enjoy Fleet Foxes and their harmonies, oh sweet zombie Jesus yes! Their harmonies just whisk me away to a blissful place where no harm can be done…except by the odd crowd standing around me at The Pageant on Tuesday the 19th of July…

Apparently, the Dave Matthews Band isn’t quite up to snuff anymore because there were a lot of people mesmerized by the latest shiny new toy from the indie folk rock world. I was expecting a quiet night, a tame crowd gently bending forward grasping the quiet beauty of Fleet Foxes…but the crowd wasn’t tame…below is a chart depicting my frustrations through the night. Enjoy.

A fight. A FIGHT! A FUCKING FIGHT broke out at a Fleet Foxes concert! How in God’s master plan does a fight break out at a Fleet Foxes concert?! My jaw just dropped. I wanted to run into the middle and just start screaming, “We’re at Fleet Foxes…Fleet Foxes! How can you fight with these sweet ass harmonies in your soul?!” Un-fuckin-believable.

Anyways, the night wasn’t a total bummer, I did push through (like the concert veteran I am) and was able to block out the crowd and enjoy Fleet Foxes. It was just a bad venue for music such as theirs. They need an opera house, or a venue without a bar in the back. I had friends in different sections that night, and they thought the crowd was odd, but the show was great. From my view, I thought most of the crowd was there to be seen, rather that listen to the music. And while the crowd was annoying, the sweet ass harmonies of Fleet Foxes was able to overpower even the loudest dickwhistles.

I was also a bit frustrated because Black Francis was playing that same night at a different venue. Oh well, I heard there was a loud d-bag singing along at that show, and Frank laid the smack down on him.  Don’t fuck with the Pixies.



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