Top 100 Things I Love About Music

Well it’s end of February, the month of love….and to celebrate, I’ve decided to list the 100 things that I love about music.  Now there are more than 100 things that I love about music, and I can guarantee that I will leave some important things out…but I still want to give this a go. The whole reason that I started this blog was to share, reveal, and discuss music that has made an impact in my life.

So here we go…I love music, and here’s the 100 reasons why…

100.) I love sitting under the stars watching a great concert

99.) I love 80’s guitar solos

98.) Marvin Gaye

97.) I love when an opening band leaves you speechless

96.) Interrupting a conversation because a really good song came on the radio and you feel the need to announce it

95.) Jimmy Page playing a Gibson with a violin bow

94.) The dirty, nasty, filthy dubstep

93.) I love listening to music in the dark with headphones

92.) The genius of Brian Wilson

91.) Catching a rising band at a small venue before anyone has heard of them

90.) Catching a large band at a large venue when everyone has heard of them

89.) Right-handed guitars set aflame by left-handed musicians

88.) Luciano Pavarotti amazes me

87.) I love the crash of the Keith Moon’s cymbals

86.) David Bowie’s left eye

85.) I love the way  “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business” dances

84.) I love that bands may come and go, but music lives forever

83.) “The King”

82.) The King of Pop

81. ) The Queen of Soul

80.) I love how the first few riffs of “Under My Thumb” make me say, “Ooooh…good song…”

79.) …and to follow that up…the fact that Keith Richards is still alive

78.) When a song hits you like a freight train…Boom!…and you’re just stunned

77.) The progressive brilliance of Pink Floyd

76.) I love when lyrics are dark and depressing…but beautiful

75.) Dancing until the sun comes up with a thousand of your closest friends

74.) The Chuck Berry “duck walk”

73.) My Dad’s 8-track tapes of Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

72.) I love that my Dad took me to my first concert when I was 5…We saw The Beach Boys

71.) I love playing air drums

70.) Seeing The Ramones before Joey died

69.) I love vinyl records and a good set of headphones

68.) “Diamond” David Lee Roth jumpkicks

67.) I love getting in the car after work and just blasting…while kicking a good tune

66.) I love cheering for an encore when I know playing an encore is expected

65.) George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic…and whatever planet they came from

64.) I love mixtapes…or mix CDs…or if someone makes me an iTunes playlist mix

63.) Now that I’m older…I love assigned seating at concerts

62.) I love standing in the back and watching the whole experience of a concert: band, lights, crowd, etc…

61.) I love being surprised by someone else’s taste in music

60.) I love when The Band comes on at a bar

59.) On that note, I think The Last Waltz is the best music documentary ever made

58.) I love being snobby about certain bands

57.) I love not knowing the lyrics but singing anyway

56.) I love The Beatles vs The Rolling Stone arguments…somehow The Kinks get left out, and it’s a shame

55.) I love when a movie can weave music into a great soundtrack

54.) I was raised on Motown, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys

53.) I love female rock n’ roll lead singers

52.) I love sharing new and old music with friends

51.) The dark beauty of Elliott Smith

50.) I love that when I think of the 80’s, I think of The Smiths, Depeche Mode, and INXS

49.) Listening to Techno/Trance music very loudly in my car before heading out on a Saturday night

48.) Listening to Radiohead when coming home from a Saturday night

47.) I love b-boys, b-girls, graffiti, and hip hop music

46.) I love when a DJ can measure a room and drop the perfect beat

45.) I love when a band/musician can evolve but still keep their own style

44.) George Harrison & John Lennon

43.) I love noisy, distortion music with a twinge of feedback

42.) I love how some music can leave you breathless

41.) I love listening to people with horrible voices crank out their favorite song during karaoke

40.) I love Raggae music while laying on a beach

39.) I love forcing my music habits on my 1-year old son

38.) I think Roy Orbison has the most amazing voice…and sweet shades

37.) I think underground artists are a million times better than mainstream bullshit

36.) I still think some mainstream bullshit is catchy as hell

35.) I love concert posters

34.) Iggy Pop and The Stooges

33.) I love that “The Big Come Up” is probably one of my favorite albums in the last 10 years

32.) I love this song: “Police On My Back” – The Clash

31.) I think early 1980’s hardcore music is some of the best music made in America

30.) On that note, I miss but still love the old punk version of Bad Brains

29.) I adore The Beastie Boys…because you can’t, you won’t, and you don’t stop

28.) I love arguing about your favorite albums, concerts, songs

27.) I love punk rock

26.) I love driving around and getting soooo lost in a song that you miss an exit…or in my case, two exits

25.) I love thinking while listening to Sigur Rós

24.) I love 8 hour roadtrip mixes

23.) I love how, if everything is aligned perfect, the world just synchronizes itself to what you’re listening to

22.) I love listening to music while looking at art

21.) I think Husker Dü is one of the most underrated bands

20.) I love how a piece of music can know you before you even introduce yourself

19.) I think Madlib is a genius from another world

18.) I love bands that don’t let the pressure of their fans dictate their own art

17.) I love when someone thoughtfully picks out a great set of songs on the jukebox

16.) The Pixies

15.) I love The Man in Black

14.) I love “Green Onions” by Booker T. and the MG’s

13.) I love relaxing on the back porch and listening to Belle & Sebastian

12.) I love the roar of the crowd when your favorite band steps on stage

11.) I love listening to songs 17 times in a row if I really like it

10.) I love hearing the symphony warm up before a concert

9.) Blue Train is my favorite jazz album…ever

8.) I love full albums…albums that are perfect front to back…they are few and far between, but special

7.) I love having songs that mean everything to me…even though I won’t share why with anyone

6.) I love when a band “gets it”…what “it” is, I have no idea…but I’ll know it when I hear it

5.) I love “Over the Hills and Far Away

4.) I think OK Computer is the best album recorded in the last 25 years…maybe longer…

3.) I love Radiohead, but try not to get to fanboyish about it

2.) Billie Holiday is my queen

1.) I love how you can open you entire heart to music and not fear any harm or judgment

…well I guess that’s a few things I love about music…and I know I left a ton out. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have anything you’d like to share, drop me a line below.



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  1. Awesome. #11 really hits home.

    And 65 rules. I think I just got inspired to dig up some P-Funk. And play Dr. Funkenstein 17 times in a row.

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