Be Still My Heart…My Top 8 Hottest Females in Rock

Oh my goodness. There are a lot of beautiful women in music. I must say that I have quite a fancy on women who can get up on stage, pour their hearts out, and rock out the crowd. I’m a sucker for girl bands, women in bands, and bands that feature women lead singers…I’m a guy…go figure. There is just something sexy about women and music…just my thing, I guess.

Before I come off like a total male chauvinist, I will like to point out that most (if not all) of the women that I’ve chosen are not only beautiful, but their music is amazing to me…which is sexy. What is more sexy than a confident women belting out a song? Nothing.

Without further delay, here are my top 8 females of rock…excluding Zooey Deschanel from She & Him (this isn’t a crossfade…and she would totally win because I have a mad crush on her)

Click on picture for music!

8)  Stevie Nicks – Fleetwood Mac

Stevie was a beautiful lead to Fleetwood Mac with a beautiful voice

7) Bjork

Some may call her batshit crazy, but she's hot, and I love her music. She's probably my favorite female musician.

6) Kim Gordon – Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth...and she still is powerfully sexy on stage at 57...yes, 57.

5) Joan Jett – The Runaways, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

I love Rock n' Roll...I love Joan Jett. She's my Cherry Bomb.

4) Emily Haines – Metric

Emily is just flat out beautiful...and she has awesome legs that she loves to show off. I appreciate that.

3) Liz Phair

Dear Liz, You're hot. Sincerely, fuzzywuzzy

2) Meg White – The White Stripes

You’re quiet, but you drum loud. I have no idea what you’re thinking, but you have a cute shy smile. We should hang out.


1) Debbie Harry – Blondie

The Hottest. Even Andy Warhol immortalized her. End.Of.Story.


I know I’ve left some out, so drop me a note below and convince me to update my list.



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